Dr. Peleg has served as Adj. Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurial Management at institutes of higher learning in the USA and Israel, including Hunter and Lehman Colleges in the US, and Tel Aviv College and Tel Hai College in Israel.

In addition to his academic background, Dr Peleg has spent many years of his career in the forefront of Hi-Tech industry.

This mix of personal expertise in industry and academia is what led Dr Peleg–as teacher, entrepreneur,general manager, and business consultant, to writing, with the objective of filling a gap in teaching materials that he had personally encountered both in terms of the conceptual underpinning of modern financial modeling and its practical application through the use of Excel spreadsheets.


"Doron Peleg’s Fundamental Models in Financial Theory provides a thorough understanding of finance models, combines with the tools needed to apply the theory in day-to-day financial decisions. While other texts in this field emphasizes the theory, Peleg’s book will be useful to students because it actually tells them how to apply the theory in practice."

Eli Amir, Professor of Accounting, Tell Aviv University and City University of London


"Fundamental Models in Financial Theory by Doron Peleg incorporates mathematical and systematic approach to key issues in finance. The theoretical models are simplified, making it possible and straightforward both to comprehend and apply them to real life financial problems. The incorporation of Excel and end-of-chapter problems provide excellent tools for understanding the issues analyzed in the textbook. Dr. Peleg’s book can serve as an excellent source of knowledge for both academia and practitioners."

Yossi Yagil, Professor of Finance, Dean of the Faculty of Management, University of Haifa